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TG Mini Rotary Pen PMU Machine

TG Mini Rotary Pen PMU Machine

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  • Tattoo Gizmo Stylus PMU machine Easy to hold weighs only 91 grams, the diameter is 20 mm Works with Universal (Cheyenne type) Cartridges on the market. Internal spiral needle length mechanism More scientific design when adjusting the length of the needle, the position of the needle will not change, and the length of the machine will not change
  • Our Tattoo Gizmo PMU machine is made of aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight, Vibration free, and does not allow it to heat up. It features a powerful motor and exquisite appearance, low noise, super stable, perfectly suitable for Scalp Pigmentation, eyebrows, eyeliner, Lip filing, and facial skin care, and facial permanent makeup.
  • Tattoo Gizmo Mini Power Supply is specially designed for Makeup work, Pre-configured Power Levels can be changed with just a press of a button.




    TG Mini PMU Machine:
    Warranty: Six Months
    Machine Type: Pen Machine
    Motor: 6W Swiss-Made Coreless Motor
    Max speed: 7000rpm
    Performance: Efficient, stable
    Operating voltage: 4-12 V
    Working voltage: 5-8 V
    Lightweight - Ergonomic pen-like design
    Net weight: 80 G
    Frame: Aluminium CNC
    Noise: No Noise, Very Low Vibrating and No Heating.

    Power Supply:
    Warranty: Six Months
    Gizmo Branded Mini Power Supply
    Touch screen, specific voltage for different use
    SNMP Based power supply with 2A output
    Digital display
    Specially designed for PMU machine


    This machine is much quieter and vibrates less than conventional tattoo devices. But it still has high puncturing power and frequency. The balanced, pen-like shape gives you the feeling of drawing when employing any style. Operating Mode: Continuous operation. Long-lasting stability, the top motor.

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