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Falcon PMU Cartridge Needles - Round Liner (RL)

Falcon PMU Cartridge Needles - Round Liner (RL)

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  • Pins are crafted to perfection and help give the Painless, Sharpest line you will ever get.
  • Perfect Taper- Legth and Size are mastered, based on continuous feedback received from renowned Artists during Their designs and crafting process.
  • Pins are Soldered by Automatic Machines in 46 different shapes and configurations, making each needle consistently the same.
  • Membrane is made of Elastomeric Silicon,gives consistent and smoothest movement to the needles.
  • Guaranteed 100% Ink backflow Leak proof membrane cartridges.
  • 100% Medical Grade Plastic Jacket specially designed for holding more Ink, and to give consistent out flow of Ink. 
  • Only for Professionals Use.


Use: For one-time use only.
Designed for Optimal Result and Performance.
Workmanship: tips no bent; extremely sharp, even didn't feel a thing; excellent welding.
Material: Premium Grade 316 medical stainless steel, 100% sterilized to protect from being injected
Pack of: 20 Pcs


Single needle perfect for eyeliner, microblading strokes, shading, lip tattoo
Sterilized by EO Gas with lot number
Sterilized packed.
Only recommended for professional use only
Disposable single use only.
Made of high quality stainless steel. Safe and durable.

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