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Goochie Anesthetic Lip Mask Before or During Procedure

Goochie Anesthetic Lip Mask Before or During Procedure

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Goochie Permanent Make Up External Painless Mask For Eyebrow, (1pcs/bag x 10 Package)

Specification :

  • Permanent make Up External Lip Mask, Professional For Lips 20 Pcs
  • Wash and cleanse The Lip Area Thoroughly. Dry Area Completely
  • Spread The Mask Sheet Evenly On Your Lip And Make It Stick To Your Lip
  • Relax For 8-15 Minutes Until The Enriched
  • For External Use Only. Avoid Contacting With inside lip. Rinse Your Lip With Water Immediately Once It Is Splashed Into mouth.


Directions for Use:
1. Wash and cleanse the Lips area thoroughly. Dry area completely.
2. Spread the mask sheet evenly on your Lips and make it stick to your Lips.
3. Relax for 8-15 Minutes until the enriched ingredients are thoroughly absorbed into Lips remove the sheet.

1. Stop applying immediately if any unconfortableness occurs.
2. Keep out of reach of Children.



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