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Goochie Basic Beginner Permanent Makeup Machine

Goochie Basic Beginner Permanent Makeup Machine

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About The Product :

Goochie Basic Beginner Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

  • 1. Adjustment needle cap (exclusive ownership) 
  • 2. Panasonic Motor 
  • 3. Silver  color Limited Edition (Seiko custom, does not fade)
  • 4. Machine fuselage uses disposable sterile design, and pigment to prevent the return of effectively isolating the virus to prevent cross-infection of the bacteria. 
  • 5. All parts of the machine used EOGAS aseptic packaging sterilization, achieving the world health standard.
  • 6. Disposable accessories(Medical Standards) 
  • 7.1 minute / 25000 switch (high speed) 
  • 8. Low noise muffled 
  • 9. Prevent the slippery design of the control rod.
  • 10. Repair rate is 1%
  • 11. Suitable for eyebrows, eyelids, and lips, also for small tattoo design


Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60HZ
Output Voltage: 4.2V 1A
Needle type: R1,R3,R5,F5,F7
Needle Depth: 0-2.5mm adjustable
Battery: with 45mins charging, it can last about 5 hours
Speed control: S-H, 7 stages


1. Separate lithium battery, plug in, two ways of usage
2. Rotation stably
3. Tattoo machine process of forming a power supply, internationally 110V-220V
4. High rechargeable performance, can last about 5hrs after 45 minutes complete charge
5. Repaired rate is about 1%
6. Speed 10000-25000rpm controlled on the rechargeable tattoo machine
7. Punch length adjustable from 0-2.5mm on the permanent makeup digital machine, convenient to control
8. Rechargeable tattoo machine suitable for eyebrows, eyelids, and lips, also for a small tattoo design with 13000rpm
9. All parts of the tattoo machine used EOGAS aseptic packaging sterilization and achieved the world health standard
10. Small noise, permanent makeup digital machine noise less than 15 db
11. Permanent makeup machine OEM & ODM accepted

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