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Mini Eyebrow Ruler - Black

Mini Eyebrow Ruler - Black

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This Mini Eyebrow rulers are made of plastic with an inlaid metal bar.

The weight of plastic eyebrow ruler are very light weight and convenient for daily carrying.

The surface of eyebrow ruler is smooth plastic  surface can be used directly on the human skin without causing damage to the skin.

The Eyebrow scale marked by Centimeters and Inches.  you can easily maser the eyebrow accuracy.

The mini plastic sliding gauge is rectangular, approximately 15 cm/ 6 inch in length and 6 mm/ 0.23 in width, measurement range is 0-6 inch, which can meet your needs.

This sliding gauge measuring tool is suitable for many people in different careers to use, such as brow artists to use in doing eyebrow tattoo, students in math problems, engineers in their projects, and general people in making handicrafts and other precise measurements.



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