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TG Stylus PMU Machine With Battery

TG Stylus PMU Machine With Battery

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TG Stylush PMU machine is made of aluminum alloy and Comes with battery. The product is vibration free, and does not heat up. It has been designed for professionals in the Permanent  Makeup industry who want to increase their productivity.

The TG Stylush has a 3.5mm stroke length and is great for permanent makeup. This machine's soft, gentle touch ensures that you can feel the results of your work.


TG Stylus PMU Machine:

Warranty: Six Months
Machine Type: Pen Machine
Motor: Swiss Made 4.5W
Max speed: 9000rpm
Needle Protrusion: 0 -2.5mm
Performance: Efficient, stable
Operating voltage: 4-12 V
Working voltage: 5-8 V
Lightweight: Ergonomic pen-like design
Net weight: 80 G
Frame: Aircraft Aluminium
Noise: No Noise, Very Low Vibrating and No Heating.
Compatible with most rotary brands
RCA connections
consistent and stable voltage output
Voltage Range 4v-12v
5 Hours of battery Working life on Single Recharge.
Made of Strong Aluminium alloy
Fast Charging, 1 hours full.


It features a powerful motor and exquisite appearance, low noise, super stable, perfectly suitable for Scalp Pigmentation, eyebrows, eyeliner, Lip filing, facial skin care, and facial permanent makeup.
TG PMU pen has a Japanese motor of 4.5W and a max speed of 8000RPM.
Excellent Quality for Professional Who are beginning their carrier.

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